Hannow Schattow

People at The Foundation Room - Hanno Schattow

Hanno is a passionate musician, producer and social education worker. Coming from Punk Rock he slipped over to Ska and Reggae. This was probably caused by his first collaboration with Andre, who was the engineer for the first album of Hanno’s band back in the days.

Hanno is the singer, guitarist and head of Cologne's Boss Reggae band Masons Arms, one of the few bands who combine this genre with german lyrics. For their latest studio album Von Vorn he worked with Boss van Trigt - Boss Capone, The Upsessions - as a co-producer.

As an audio engineer and producer Hanno is mainly working with Reggae-, Ska- and Punk Rock bands, but is open for all kinds of good music. At the Foundation Room he is also available as a coach for bands during difficult studio situations or band development in general.

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