Sergeant Pepper

People at The Foundation Room - Sergeant Pepper

Sergeant Pepper aka Raul Pfeffer is the perfect drummer for your project. Coming with a great love for jamaican reggae he explored all styles of music during his study at the conservatory in Arnhem (NL) where he graduated as professional drummer for Jazz and Pop.

When returning to Cologne he spent a lot of time at Supow Studio (Patrice) and played for known artists like D-Flame, Max Herre, Beginner, Afrob and Samy Deluxe. He finally committed to german Top 10 Rap act Curse and played in his band for years, before putting all his blood, sweat and tears into another, more own project called Rakede. Today he is part of Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation, Germany's currently finest ska band, alongside Johnny Ska and Chrissy Reggae.

He has a keen sense for groove and his energy breathes life into every song. At the Foundation Room he is responsible for all rhythmical needs and plays awesome drum and percussion tracks for your music

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